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En plein lancement !! ça va décoiffer!

Team members

Vincent Bruneau : CEO, Game designer, Character designer, 3D artist, Animation designer, illustration

Arnaud Salomon : Texture, Animation, character and Game designer, Illustration

Yoan Autin : 3d, Animation and FX artist

Célia Porcher : Software Engineer, Art integrator, UI/UX developer

Yannis Guyon : Software Engineer, Plugin and Network developer

Pascale Roncin : Community manager

Dojo Turnbull : Voice actor

Clémence Barthoux : Community/Marketing tips

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L'Equipe de Fox-Infographie aime beaucoup ce jeux une pepite , un petit bijoux

Sophie de LaFleur helped the Teradeck during the Great War, she was captain of the red army. During this war, she lost her arm and was left for dead on the battlefield. She came back and discovered that the inhabitants of the galaxy were devoting themselves to arena fight. Having no reason for being with the end of the war, she decided to sign in as a challenger to feed her spirit of woman of war.

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